Pontiac Intake Gaskets Replaced Now Won't Start

I've just replaced the head and intake gaskets on a 1998 Pontiac Montana 3400 engine and now it wont start it is acting like its out of time. Help.

Answer: You may have the rocker arm push rods in the wrong position.

Or you may have the spark plug wires in the wrong order. Check the order. The ignition coils have numbers on them.


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  • i have a 2002 pontiac sunfire. was driving down the road and it just stoped running i was going to take off the timing cover and just happened to look into the exhaust manifold and found a puddle of oil. as a mechanic i have never heard of this or seen this.... what would cause this????

  • Guest - plapjack

    Did the same thing to my car when I replaced the intake gaskets. Push rods in the wrong position. Thank God I did not bend any valves. Great picture guys. Wish I would have came here before I did this repair.