1994 Pontiac Sunfire Idles Good Runs Bad Driving

1994 Pontiac Sunbird

Engine Size : 4 cylinder 2.0l
Question: My car is running rough sputtering and then stalling but it sounds like it idles just fine and now my battery has died don't know if its related or 2 different problems please help no money to go to mechanic.

Answer: An engine that is running rough when accelerating but idles fine is usually caused by an ignition problem. Higher RPM and acceleration puts a heavy load on the ignition. Have the spark plugs, plug wires and distributor cap and rotor checked. Is the check engine light is on, scan it for trouble codes. The codes may give an indication to were the problem is. You just want to start with a complete tune up and then go from there. The battery problem is probably  not related, although low system voltage can make any car run bad.

Sunfire Turns Over But Won't Start

2000 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2 non Ecotec.
I replaced the head and put new bolts in it and the car tried to start then he poured a little gas on the breather. I guess to try and start it now it just clicks...there is no sound at all besides the click noise like it tries to turn over but cant did he install it wrong or did the spark plugs just foul out or did he just mess it up all together...he says it the solenoid but its funny to me it started even w blown head and now it not working please help.

Answer: it is possible that it's just a coincidence that the starter/solenoid went bad after these repairs. If he was pouring gas in the breather, which is a bad idea, then the engine must a been cranking. Therefore the mechanic must've installed everything properly – at least enough for the engine to crank. Now it doesn't even crank over means it just could be the starter.

Engine Won't Restart When Hot

1997 Pontiac Sunfire. 2.2 Ecotec.
Question: starts and runs,will not restart when hot.

Answer: Well, with this limited info, there could be several causes. If it seems to loose power first, then it could be a bad fuel pump. If it just cranks and won't start, possibly a bad ignition module, crankshaft position sensor, fuel pump, etc. If it does not crank you may have a bad starter, theft or security problem.

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