2008 Silverado No Brake Lights

2008 Chevy Silverado LS Ext Cab. Yesterday service traction control and Stabliitrac warning lights came on. What type of service does this require and is this and is it going to be an expensive fix?

Answer: Those lights cover the stability system, traction control and even parts of the anti-lock brake system. When they come on, there is a problem in one of those systems. With your truck, I've seen anything from steering wheel position sensor problems to wheel speed sensors setting those lights on. You would need to get your Silverado scanned to see which trouble codes are in which systems to properly diagnose. You're looking at least a couple hundred dollars minimum for repairs. If it's a wiring problem, it can get very expensive to fix since it takes a good deal of labor to trace the wiring and find the problem. A wheel speed sensor is expensive as well, as they are part of the hub bearing. I would recommend getting it looked at, as this problem can get worse.

Chevy Silverado Trailer Brake Plug Location

2005 Chevy Silverado z 71 5.3L Vortec
Question: My truck has the towing package is there a plug under the dash to plug in electric brakes.

Answer: There are a couple different packages offered for your truck. There is a trailer package that does not include a hook-up for trailer brakes and there is one that does. Depending on your RPO codes, your local dealer could answer this better. You can look up under the dash for the connector, or there may be a wrapped up wire harness with the appropriate wires to hook up to the trailer brake controller. There may have been a jumper harness for trailer brakes included when the truck was new. Usually these are just thrown in the glove box when the truck is delivered.

No Brake Lights On 2005 Silverado

Brake lights problem with my 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500.
No brake lights.  The one above window works, however, and so does the trailer hitch plug.  turn signals, parking and all other lights work fine.  all fuses and bulbs ok. brake pedal switch OK. I even checked cruise control to see if it worked when touching the brake its ok also.

Answer: The brake light circuit on your truck can get very complicated. Be sure to check ALL fuses in the truck. The 3rd brake light and trailer lights working does rule a few things out. The left and right lights goe through several fuse and relay blocks. You would need to test for voltage at each brake light socket- Light Blue wire with the pedal depressed. If power to the sockets, then you have a ground problem. If no power, then you would need schematics to trace the system back toward the switch to find out were voltage is lost.

GMC Sierra Service 4wd Light

Problem with my 2003 GMC Sierra. Service 4wd light on. Replaced front actuator.
My service 4wd light comes on. when the service 4wd light is on the 2 or 4wd selector switch changes between 2hi.4hi.4lo. This doesn't happen all the time. when its in 4lo,4hi and the service light is on i can't shift in any other range.

Answer:  You really need to get the transfer case system scanned for codes if you have not already. That may give a clue to what system is having a problem. This is because this problem that comes and goes- could be a problem in the transfercase control module, the encoder motor on the transfer case, or just in the switch. All 3 are pretty common.

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  • Guest - Kent

    I have a 2005 Silverado 5.3 motor. When headlights on and press brake pedal all trailer lights go out.

  • Guest - Paul

    In reply to: Guest - Kent

    Must be a wiring problem in your trailer. Check all compared with a factory schematic.