2004 Chevy Suburban ABS / trac cont lights. C0110. Trouble shoot code all voltages check correct cannot clear code whit control separated and motor connection jumpered with test light, replaced control no help. Replaced ECU no help.

May have a defective replacement control?
How would you access this problem?

Answer:  The ABS control module may need to be programmed, or it is not the exact correct part number. Just because it came out of the same year truck, does not mean it is the same part number.

If it is the same, and the same code returns, then you may have a ground problem.
Have had several with the ground for the module is corroded. It is under the truck, on the left frame rail, sort of just under the drivers seat, toward the door.

Chevy Suburban Starter Just Clicks

Problem with my = 1999 Chevy suburban. Engine size = 5.7 350. question = electrical system fully charged, can hear the starter try to engage. just clicks. then replaced the starter and same issue. Might it be an over-ride or a relay? Never had any problem starting in four years. Is it the PCM?

Answer: This would not be PCM or relay problem. Either you have a connection problem on the battery cables or starter, or the engine wont turn. Check that the battery cables are clean and tight and the wires on the the starter. Next put a socket and long extension on the front crank pulley bolt and make sure you can turn the engine.

Drivers Temp Starts To Blow Cold

2004 2500 Silverado Duramax with dual zone heating and cooling system. When driving down the road the driver side temp starts to blow ambient air temperature.

Answer: There are a couple of things that cause this condition. First, there is an a/c control head software update available from the dealer that may apply to your vehicle. If the truck is less than 36 months old from date of sale, and less then 36k miles, it would be under warranty. Also have had some of the dr. side temp. door control motors go bad and cause this condition. The motor is under the dr. side of the dash, bolted to the side of the HVAC case, above the gas pedal. The problem with the motor, is that some of them short out and cause damage to the a/c control head . The a/c module would need to scanned for codes to properly diagnose. If your months and mileage are a little over, try calling a few dealer and ask for assistance, or what is called a '1 time goodwill'. Sometimes a dealer will offer help even if out of factory warranty time/mileage.

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  • Guest - joe adair

    abs and traction service light is lit wat can cause that

  • Guest - Tech

    Similar to the conditions on the trucks above. A front ABS sensor / wheel bearing, or the wiring to one of the front sensors is most common to cause an ABS light, TRAC, or TRAC OFF warning. A scan of the computer for codes would be needed to see what parts of the system has a problem.

  • Guest - mike

    2003 Chevy Impala and lights on.