No Reverse Lights in My 2001 Chevrolet Venture Van

2001 Chevy Venture Van 3.4 V6 Check engine for the gas pressure. My reverse lights don't work. I replaced the bulbs checked all the connections, and was wondering where the switch for the reverse would be on, or in the transmission?

Answer: The reverse lights are activated by the park / neutral switch. The switch is on top of the transmission. The shift cable is attaches to the shift lever on top of the trans, the switch is around that. It may be out of adjustment. You would need to test for power coming out of the park / neutral switch on the reverse light circuit. If you have power out, then would need to test for power down the circuit- to the reverse lamps. The tail lamp circuit boards are a common problem on these van. Would next need to check for power into the boards. If you have power in, then the circuit boards are bad. If you do not have power, then it is a wiring problem between the switch and the boards. Possible splice.

No brake Lights

1999 Chevy Venture LS Third brake light not working. Only getting 0.08 volts at connector. Other brake lights work fine. what could it be?

Answer: .08 volts is basically no volts. You need to look for a broken wire for the brake light feed. It could be broken above the headliner or down the back pillar as the wires run off the rear brake harness.

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