A/C Clutch Does Not Come on and Blows Warm Air

2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette.
3400 V6 engine.
Question: I had my van at my parent's to help my brother fix his same make and model van A/C doesn't work. He unplugged the compressor to check voltage on mine to see if it was the same as his

(mine was currently working prior to this) and he turned the van air conditioning on and checked to see that mine now had no voltage at the compressor either. Since then I have no a/c. I checked the fuses and relays as best I can and they seem to be working.

Answer: Use a test light to check fuses. Make sure the A/C CLU fuse in the under hood box is good, swap the A/C CLU relay with another one in the box.
If it worked before he tried to test your wires, he may have done something wrong.
With the van and the A/C on, check the Dark Green wire with a test light connected to a good ground. It should light. Let me know what you find...

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  • Guest - James Duncan

    I have a 2000 venture with the same issue. I have power a new a/c clutch. I have 14+ volts on the power side, but no ground. I have just recently had the transmission replaced and the air worked fine for a week then just stopped.

  • Guest - Harry113

    In reply to: Guest - James Duncan

    The mechanic that put the transmission in forgot to reconnect a ground. It probably is for the a/c compressor and other things. Check the grounds on the trans to engine bellbousing bolts.

  • Guest - buzz

    In reply to: Guest - Harry113

    this just happened to me. i read your post and went and checked the ground and it was very loose. thanks for the tip. i had checked everything else and wasnt sure what to do next

  • Guest - Paul

    There is no reset. If you mean you replaced the compressor and still won't come on, then you need to check for power to it, and a good ground.

  • Guest - jeff

    I put a new AC in but it will not come on. Do you need try reset?

  • Guest - Tech

    Yes. You can replace the clutch assembly with the compressor still in the van. It requires a few special tools to remove and you will need to lower the right front of the frame to get a straight shot at the center nut that holds the clutch on.

  • Guest - Tech

    100 PSI is static pressure, which depends on the underhood temperature. If you tested for power at the wire with the test light on a good ground, then now you need to check the ground side of the connector. Now plug the test light into the both wires at the compressor. If it lights, then you have power and ground, and the clutch is faulty.

  • Guest - Steve Kroll

    In reply to: Guest - Tech

    Thanks for the advise. Is the clutch able to be removed from the vehicle without taking the compressor as well?

  • Guest - Steve Kroll

    I have 14V at the green wire going to the clutch. Am I correct in thinking the clutch is bad? Also, I have connected a can of freon to the low pressure side, with one of those hoses from AutoZone, that has a gauge on it and it reads 100psi. Is that normal given that the system isn't cycling?