Oldsmobile Aurora Car Questions and Answers

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Coolant Sensor Replaced but Radiator Fans Wont Turn on

Problem with my 1996 Oldsmobile/ Aurora.
Engine size 4.0 V8.
Repairs= replaced coolant temp sensor on drivers side of the car fans still don't come on.

Question = I bought the car for a thousand because it wasn't running and I replaced some parts on the car to get it started and stay running and now my engine cooling fans don't come on when they are suppose to, Now I've been on my computer for a couple of hours trying to find a solution to get them to come on.

1995 Oldsmobile Aurora Overheat Problems

Hi, I own a 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora, it has that monster Northstar v8 engine. First, the car started to overheat, I thought maybe it was the Thermostat, changed the thermostat, wasn't it. Next, I changed the water pump, that wasn't it, still overheats. The radiator is fine, no problems with that. My next guess is the Coolant Temp Sensor, I am planning on replacing this part. Do you think that replacing this part would fix the overheating issue?