2003 Aurora Service Stability On | Headlight Problem

I just bought a 2003 Oldsmobile Aurora! The "Service Stability" statement has been flashing on. This is located in the area on dash where it displays the fuel/gallon and tire pressure reading. I cannot locate what this statement means in the handbook. Can you please clue me in.

Answer: The vehicle stability system is part of the ABS system to help control vehicle stability on hard corning where you may loose control or skid. The system has several sensors that send vehicle yaw, lateral acceleration, and steering wheel position to the ABS computer. The ABS computer can then apply brake pressure to one of the front wheels to prevent sliding. This is known as over steer or under steer.

This warning light means the ABS computer has seen something wrong in the system. The ABS computer would need to be scanned for trouble codes to see what circuit is having a problem.

Automatic Headlights Not Working

1997 Oldsmobile Aurora
4.0 liter
Question: Auto Lights (head lights) Not Working they will not automatically come on when it gets dark.

Answer: Could be the sensor on the top of the dash. A small dark round sensor around the defroster grill. Of it could be the Body control module, or a wiring issue. Would need schematics, a scanner and volt meter to test this system.

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  • Guest - Fred

    Where are the stability sensors located besides on the dash?

  • Guest - Mark

    In reply to: Guest - Fred

    The system uses ABS speed sensor data, steering wheel position sensor located at the bottom of the steering column and a yaw or lateral acceleration sensor- that may be under the carpet of the drivers seat or the center console.