Oldsmobile Transmission Code P0742

Transmission problem with my 2000 Olds Silhouette Premiere.

Check engine light. Scanned GM Computer code P0742.
I had the filter and fluid changed added Transgard.

My transmission keeps messing up when warm changed fluid and filter added Transgard worked for awhile and started again after long trip.

I was just wondering if there were any pics to get this fixed. I do not have the money transmission shops are asking for any help would be great. I have access to a Chevy Venture trans will that work or any of the parts from it work. Thank you.

P0742 is for the Torque Converter- TCC System Stuck On. The most common cause for this is a faulty TCC solenoid valve. They fail electrically, or has dirt stuck in it. The problem is you cannot be sure unless you test the electrical circuits, watch what the TCC solenoid is doing while driving- Is the % correct at the proper times, on and off correct, etc. There are other things that can affect this circuit such as the PCM, connector problem at the transmission, trans fluid valve position switch, or the converter it self. Again, the solenoid is the most common.

It is located in the side cover of the transmission. The engine / trans assembly would need to be supported form on top, then the left side of the frame lowered in order to get the pan off.

Oldsmobile TRAC And ABS Lights

2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette.
Engine size = 3.4
Warning lights = anti lock brakes and trac control.The warning light and the trans shifts good but it wont go in overdrive

The ABS and Trac lights would be caused by a problem in the ABS system.
A problem in the ABS may be preventing transmission overdrive. Would suggest getting the ABS repaired first. Some common causes are the front wheel speed sensors, or a wiring problem to one of the front sensors.

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