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    • Guest - Misty

      02 Santa fe revving high with little acceleration. Disconnected battery and it returns to normal. Tried Lucas transmission fix, taped vacuum hose, tightened throttle cable. What could be a permanent fix?

    • Guest - Terry

      2003 monty carlo lost over drive. All other gears work fine.

    • Guest - david wetmore

      ok I have 1997 dodge caravan sport transmission wont work in 3rd and drive or reverse

    • Guest - Bill

      In reply to: Guest - david wetmore

      Something inside the transmission has broken. It is not something simple like a transmission control solenoid or anything electrical like that. The trans is going to need to come and and taken apart tom see what is wrong.

    • Guest - Lily Chadsey

      92 Toyota SR5. Clutch is not engaging. I was driving it, tried to put it into 1st gear and felt something break or come loose.
      Is this something I can fix myself on the side of the road with out removing transmission?

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    The hydraulic power steering pump is a constant displacement vane-type pump that provides hydraulic pressure and flow for the power steering gear. The hydraulic power steering pumps are either belt-driven or direct-drive, cam-driven.

    The power steering fluid reservoir holds the power steering fluid and may be integral with the power steering pump or remotely located. The following locations are typical locations for the remote reservoir:


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