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    • Guest - Brandon

      I have a 2006 predator 500cc and it's stuck in 3rd gear what would be wrong with it?

    • Guest - Misty

      02 Santa fe revving high with little acceleration. Disconnected battery and it returns to normal. Tried Lucas transmission fix, taped vacuum hose, tightened throttle cable. What could be a permanent fix?

    • Guest - Terry

      2003 monty carlo lost over drive. All other gears work fine.

    • Guest - david wetmore

      ok I have 1997 dodge caravan sport transmission wont work in 3rd and drive or reverse

    • Guest - Bill

      In reply to: Guest - david wetmore

      Something inside the transmission has broken. It is not something simple like a transmission control solenoid or anything electrical like that. The trans is going to need to come and and taken apart tom see what is wrong.

    • Guest - Lily Chadsey

      92 Toyota SR5. Clutch is not engaging. I was driving it, tried to put it into 1st gear and felt something break or come loose.
      Is this something I can fix myself on the side of the road with out removing transmission?

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    How Does the Keyless Entry System Work?

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