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2005 Chrysler Town and Country Electric Door and Lock Problem

2005 Chrysler T/C Limited
Engine Size : v6
Question: The Chrysler Town and Country van has the electric door package.The front doors work just fine.
The rear doors will not open or unlock when the button on the remote is pushed. I checked the battery, not the issue. When I wanted to open the rear doors prior I would hit the respective door button on the remote and the door would open. Now, the door lock buttons will not pop up and the doors will not open.

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2003 Chrysler 300M Engine Misfire

2003 Chrysler 300M Special
Engine Size : 3.5ltr
Question: PO 172 code engine misfires on at least 2 cylinders when I pull a hill and the engine is under load, but not every time I pull a hill. Engine not lacking power when it is running good check engine light keeps coming on. I have changed the O2 sensors and the issue keeps coming back. Changed timing belt around 2000 miles ago and have not been bothered till now again.

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1998 Dodge Ram Magnum Burns Too Much Gas and Overheats

1998 Dodge 1500 truck. 318 5.2V8 Magnum.
Question: Having Large gas usage problems and many codes replaced the o2 sensor, water temperature sensor, spark plugs and wires and distributor cap still have not fixed problem. Was wondering what could be the problem and how to fix it. The vacuum seems to be ok there is no restriction in the exhaust. The o2 sensor p0138 was on the pre-catalyst sensor came on saying high voltage. Wondering solution to problem the oxygen sensor was replaced by a mechanic.

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