2003 Chevy Silverado A/C Shuts Off A Idle

2003 Chevy Silverado low idle and a/c inoperative told to take to dealer and reset computer.

Answer: As with any air conditioning problem, freon level is the first thing to have checked. A common problem on these trucks is the

freon low pressure sensor on the accumulator is faulty. Sometimes a couple of taps on the sensor will give an indication to it being faulty. I don't list a 5.6l engine for this truck. But some common things for low idle, stall, etc. is carbon in the throttle body- cleaning throttle body bore and plate will fix this. Also check for a vacuum leak around the lower intake manifold. The gaskets are know to shrink and cause vacuum leak/lean condition. There may be a computer software update available also, but the dealer needs to install scanner to check that. There is no 'computer reset' to fix these conditions.

Silverado AM Radio Problem

I have a 1999 Chevy Silverado that the AM band of the radio will play, but the FM1 and the FM2 band are all static.  What is the problem?

As with any AM FM problem in cars and trucks, this is going to be an antenna problem. Radio does not really need an antenna to give fair AM reception, but must for FM. Look under the passenger side of the dash for the antenna cable. From the radio it goes into another cable that goes out the dash to the top of the right front fender. It may be loose or disconnected. If that is OK, check it form under the hood as well. If OK there, you would need to remove the radio and check the connection. If all cables are good, then it may be a bad radio.

Silverado Code P0171 and P0174

2001 Chevy Silverado ls 1500 4.8L V8.
Scan codes = P0171, P0174.
Repairs= Replaced o2 sensor, bank 2, sensor 1, replaced fuel filter.
Question = while driving, truck spitted and sputtered then killed..revved up for about 15 min then it ran fine for about 8 minutes, then did the same thing except would not crank back up. following day,replaced the above mentioned and it cranked right up.(were getting the codes before replacing o2 sensor). now getting no codes, but it is idling bad and wanting to stall out. any advice?

The emissions lean codes may take a little while to set. You may have a weak fuel pump. Replacing the fuel filter may have helped the pressure get a little higher, but it is still too low low because of the pump. Have the pressure checked. It MUST be at least 55 PSI. Even a few lbs. lower will effect the running and starting. Also check for vacuum leaks. The lower intake gaskets are common. Have the throttle cleaned of carbon.

Chevy 1500 Fan Wont shut Off

2002 Chevy 1500 z71.
Engine Size : 5.3
Question: My heater fan wont shut off unless i disconnect the battery. All stared when i went to start my truck after work one morning,when she turned over there was a lurch like starting a manual shift that's in gear.Ever since my heater fan wont shut off,it is stuck on high setting.

Answer: These two things must just be coincidence. The blower staying on is usually the blower control module, and possibly the wires or connector for it burned. The resistor is located under the passenger side of the dash. It bolts up into the bottom of the heater case. There is actually a replacement harness you can get from the Chevy dealer if the connector is burned as well. The other problem may be a trans. problem.

Silverado A/C Belt Change

Is there a way to possibly use one belt for the AC compressor and a serpentine if it's a bigger belt I drive a 2001 Silverado 5.7 l Vortec.

Answer: No, there is now way to do this with a belt. That motor uses a separate belt, tensioner and bracket for the A/C compressor.

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  • Guest - Tim

    Did you check all the fuses?

  • Guest - Tommy

    01 chevy 1500. Radio not working and the Climate control not functioning either. check all visable wires, connections etc. any advice ?