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2006 Sebring Oxygen Sensor Replacement for Code P0137

2006 Chrysler Sebring convertible touring.
Engine Size : 6cyl
Question: We went to repair shop .. They read code.. P0137 said it is the oxygen sensor.. Bank 1 Side 2 .. He wrote down the following... po137 b1 s2 o2 ssr ... He said it is the one on the back of the converter ,does that sound correct ??? If so How difficult is it to change & get to , to be able to change it ..??? Thanks Jack

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2003 Dodge Caravan Check Engine Light

2003 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport.
Question: My check engine light that had come on years ago,had it fixed and it came back on in a short while after? So I left it , its been on for three or more years now and my Van still runs great the auto mechanic said its a flaw of some type and not to worry since its been running perfect for so long and my heat guge has not changed since I bought it new in 2003? So what I am trying to say is: should I try one more time to fix it or just forget about it?

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1997 Chrysler Cirrus Has No Power and Dies Out

1997 Chrysler Cirrus.
Engine Size : v6
Question: My car broke down two weeks after i got it .. I got a oil change a week before it broke down.. It wont accelerate when you press the gas it dies.. but it starts ok.. I had the distributor replace and fuel fliter..but its still not acting like its getting gas but every shop i have took it to cant figure out whats wrong with it.. what could it be? i really need some ideas been in the shop for a year.

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2003 Dodge Grand Caravan Power Steering Whine

2003 Grand Caravan Sport. Engine Size : 3.3
Question: Hi, I have a problem with my Grand Caravan when turning corners it makes a pulsating noise more so when stopped then go to turn it really vibrates like at the front end from the tire it seems,could it be a tie rod on the right side? That's where its is the right side,also the power steering pump I think is making a whinning sound when driving and turning corners,could that means its on its way out? Other than that it drives great!! Thanks.

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1996 Dodge Dakota Sport Dies at Idle

1996 Dodge Dakota Sport V6
Warning lights = No
Repairs for this problem = We recently had the spark plugs and fuel filter changed but it has not helped.
Question = My husband has a 1996 dodge Dakota sport with very low mileage (17,000) that we inherited from his step father. Since we have had it, it has been dying, mostly while it is idling, but it does not die every time it is idling.

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1996 Dodge Dakota Dies Out | Contaminated Fuel

Problem with my 1997 Dodge Dakota sport V8.
Computer codes: not that i know of.
Repairs: Drained gas tank, changed spark plugs, changed coil, changed distributor cap, changed rotor button.
question = what happens if you accidentally mix, and run, kerosene in a gasoline engine?
The other day the gas tank was low and i put about three gallons of kerosene in the tank without knowing it was kerosene. i drove the truck about fifteen or twenty miles before the engine got to hot and i had to stop, i knew that it was not running right for some reason. i had the truck towed home and now it wont start at all i've done all of the things above and im at a loss. if you could point me in the right direction i would appreciate it.

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