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  • Guest - Alhaji Abdul

    2013 dodge avenger stalling problem without a code

  • Guest - Alhaji Abdul

    need help with my 2013 Dodge Avenger is stalling without a code, please help?

  • Guest - Alhaji Abdul

    2013 dodge avenger stalling with no code any help?

  • Guest - George

    Engine light on truck is a desiel with def

  • Guest - walter

    i have a 2004 mustang skipping error code po171 -p0316- changed plug wires, still skipping,, srep on gas and takes right off, seems to skip when coasting. or barely touching gas, what does it mean fuel system too lean on cylinder bank 1

  • Guest - BrendaLee

    My 2004 Denali Yukon keeps saying service ride control - I went to AutoZone and the worker acted as if he did not want to help me. Anywho - he gave me service codes P0446 and C0292 - Please tell me what these mean and what shall I do!!! Helpless

  • Guest - Chris

    Have problem with dodge oil gauge drop to o when stop give gas goes up can find out how to ask. Questions or find answers stump on how y'all work

  • Guest - William

    I had special lights put in had to replace light bulb when they put the light back in they smashed wires now sometimes car won't start I have to take it out wiggle the wires then it starts right up now the check engine light is on what is wrong

  • Guest - William

    I have a mustang gt 2002 had special lights put in had to replace light bulb when they put it back I guess they smashed wires the car didn't start when I pulled whole light back out moved wires a lil then it started now I have to do that every so often now my check engine light is on what would my problem be what can I do

  • Guest - Umar Abubakar

    My GMC Acadia has a check engine light showing permanently.What do I do please urgently.

  • Guest - Gerald Dunivent

    I have a 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe 5.7 , I went to get it smog test , The check engine light doesn't work !! Any idea's ?

  • Guest - Jeff

    In reply to: Guest - Gerald Dunivent

    I resolved my check engine light by unhooking the negative cable on my battery for 5 minutes-- the computer will reset itself unless your engine light is not burnt out.

  • Guest - Jeff Hartzog

    Have 2000 tayota Tacoma 4wd and check engine light came on -has 71,000 miles.
    What is the most common thing for check engine light. I checked gas cap